Friday, February 19, 2010

18092008 - 18092010


it was began about 17 months ago, 18 september 2008. He tell me what he fells about me and till now 18 february 2010 we have been past 17 month together. yyiipiii yyaahooouuiii...
happy happy happy ...
I can imagin before that I can past 17 month with a man, black skin like people said ( hhaha ), fat ( uummm), funny, annoying, patien, and many more his character which makes me more and more known him till now.

yesterday he see off me to my mother's office to take my motorcycle there, then he pick up me to celebrity fitness by his motorcycle and did you know that it was raining!! woow he protect me by his big body, hhehehe so I'm not soggy cause of you badut. hhahaha. he drop out me front of pim then he back to his home and pick his car to pick up me. woow. buying me red mango youghurt.
I realized that my wallet wereimplicated by lia. so he accompany me to lia's home. I pick my wallet then he asked me to buy martabak ( my favorite food ). at 11 pm I arrived at my home and it was my happy day. one day with harry trisetiyo mmmuuaahh. hhahaha

love you
miss you
I'm happy to be yours
love to have you baduut 

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