Monday, February 15, 2010

the yummy greates durians

on february, 13th till 14th 2010.
me and my family gone to the sukabumi city, on west java. we gone there cause we got invited from mu mother cousin, he just get married with a girl comes from sukabumi. so long trip because we didn't know before where is the place certainly. we just has a map to guided us. from 6 am we leave home, at 11 o'clock we arrived, and did you know that along the trip I wearing kebaya!! god, can you imagin driving with kebaya from jakarta sukabumi. but in half of trip I ask for my father to drived cause I should make up and bla bla blaa .... and he said okei.
nothing special in that invitation, like usually.

after all the invitation, we go back but it was confused cause my father said that it better if we going to jakarta, but the other said that we need take a rest after long trip, so we find places to rest but nope! along the queen port a.k.a pelabuhan ratu ( hhahahaha) none of the hotel has a good perform. most of them has a dirty building, most of the buildings not interesting us. so father say better if we find hotel in sukabumi (lido) and we says yes because near by lido I hear there was a warso farm, what is that, hhahaha..
on 6pm finally we got hotel, not so bad but it remins me for my dormitory, did you know that the bed of the hotel same as my bad in dormitory, hhahahahahahahahahahaa and in the morning i hear noisy sound like siren and it makes me more and more reminds my dorm. aahhh how come,

the interesting momment, at 10am we packerd our bag all of them and handover all to the car, and we going to the warso farm, because it oneway to jakarta.
do you know warso farm? warso is the name of the owener of the farm. it is durians farm. woooww thats my fav fruits. yuuppp we arrived and I'm not pation for waiting durians!!
i'm wearing grey veil with animal print shirt, father's jeans jacket ( since 1992 ), sister's black jeans, carryland bag ( my mother stuff ), mother's glasses when she were young ( since 1992 ). hhahahahah

and you can see the durian's statu behind me, the huge durian and it is simbols how huge durian in this farm ( and it was true guys ). some of my photos under the durian's trees hhihihii

and it's my best spot in warso farm.. hhahahahhahahaa..


for all of you gusy the durian's lovers I recommended you to visited WARSO FARM desa cihideung Kel.Cipelang Kec. Cijeruk - Bogor.
phone (0251)211343.
and I guarantee u'll be satisfide for all the durians..
lets try guys ..

.XOXO aiya. :))

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