Monday, February 15, 2010

CLOWN and I MISS YOU. hhehehe

on february, 14th 2010
everybody knows that february 14th is valentines day. As a moslem I'm not doing that, for me affection day is everyday, yaa walopun bkn berarti gw nentang bgt hari valentines tapi bkn jadi keharusan aj buat gw, gituu.
at 9pm, my boyfriend sent me a messagess he said that he will come tonight and exacly i;m not believe in him, it was 9 pm!! he try to make me believe till finally he said that he just arrived at my home, I just peep from my window and it was true black avanza has just parking in front of my house. hhahahahaha he is not lie. yuupp as soon as i wearing my veil and I open the door. He was out from car with his friend, entering my home and gives me a brown bag paper, I peep it and I see into it wwooowwww how glad I am ..
the supprising boy gives me
"I miss you" pink chocolate and  clown chocolate

happy to receive them, and happy to receive your love ( hhoeekkss ) hhahahaha.so pitty I won't eat both of them. I will save it as statu in my room. hhahahahahahhaha

seriuously I love both of then dut, I love your much surprise forme, I love I love and I love you. hhiihihii
thanks for all you gives to me dut.
Love you

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